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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  March 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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boom lift broke down. the workers are okay. but they were stuck up there and they had to wait for the firefighters to pull them to safety. they put the harnesses on them. they have to pull them over the edge one at a time. we are live streaming this on the wjla facebook page. we will let you know when they are taken to safety. michelle: a brutal murder. an artist tied to a share and stabbed to death in northeast d.c. after that crime, corrina meheil's body was found. police say they caught the man responsible. he apparently never knew the victim. el hadji toure faces charges ranging for murder to probation violations for a robbery conviction in tennessee. police do not have a motive. jonathan: if hours and the days after the killing the police release surveillance video and the images like behind me showing the man wanted for the killing. the detectives credit the tips from the community for breaking open the case.
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it turns out that the detectives could have more video than ever to help solve crimes like the one today. sam ford as what part of the story. sam: behind me is the basement apartment where the artist was killed. the police have not confirmed it but the neighbors here in the 1600 block of 14th believes the neighborhood video helps to solve the case. if you look closely at the capitol hill row houses the cameras are looking bad. this is where police say el hadji toure killed artist 34-year-old corrina meheil. one of the neighbors on 14th believes her home surveillance camera helped. >> i contacted them. i sent them the video and said this is your suspect. sam: video from day before meheil's body was discovered, cooper's surveillance camera shows at 10:13 a.m. a man walking past her house, white
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two and a half hours later a car believed to be the victim's dries past cooper's camera. >> i'm 100% sure. he is wearing the same clothes in the car, walking by the house. in the other photos that were captured. it's him. sam: the man walking in the maryland 7-eleven. white pants, torn knee is who police put out as a person of interest before making an arrest. cooper believe it has volumes of the program even though her camera was in place before it started. they helped fund 4,000 cameras so far. >> we know of several circumstances to know solving the crimes. >> people pledge to get cameras as well. we will hold them accountable to that. sam: police have not said directly that specifically the cameras in the block helped t
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neighbors here say they will have a pizza party this weekend so they can get to know each other better in light of the crime. likely discuss more cameras. reporting live from northeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: we have more on the arrest in the artist's murder. go to it's there. michelle: with the signing of the executive order president trump eliminated many of the pred somewhere's signature policies for combating climate change. >> i am taking historic steps to lift restrictions on american energy, to reverse government instrus and cancel job killing regulations. michelle: today's executive order rescind six obama era orders and begins a review of the clean power plan that limits the carbon emissions from the power plants. while some of the changes will be immediate, others must go to the regulatory process and will li
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court. happening now a growing protest over the president executive order. brianne carter is live outside the white house with the latest. brianne: well challenge is what the individuals gathered outside the white house are talking about saying they plan to stand up and oppose the executive order. see the number of the folks that gathered here in the last hour since this began. we have the organizations that the mother's group, the environmental group and the union groups speak out to have the voices heard inside the white house. many calling this attack on public health. in the last 30 minutes we spoke to an individual for him, this is personal. >> i am concern we have rising energy prices and air no longer
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>> they are also concerned about the economic impact they are concerned about. we heard from supporters that this would be a job creator. many think it will be the opposite and have severe impact. michelle: the house and the senate improved a ban on fracking in the state. the bill heads to hogan who supports the been a. jonathan: we are getting rain and hearing thundr.
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>> this is slow down at the moment. we have that and laurel areas on i-95. especially if you work west, this is the cold front. there are clearing skies over the weekend. next couple of days is delightful. the sunshine afternoon clouds. rain and a fair amount of on friday. jonathan: only on 7, arrested, charged with murder but now set free. a teenager telling the story of being charged with killing two men only to have the charges dropped. >> were you afraid you could be done convicted on two counts of murder?
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>> i was. i thought it would be gone when i was in it. jonathan: he spent three months in jail awaiting trial. he says he was somewhere else regarding rap music. the prosecutors dropped the charge saying they did not have enough evidence. michelle: a motorcycle rider loses control and the video shows what happened next. what launched him flying off a cliff and how he survived. jonathan: the moment the
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jonathan: the fire department put a ladder down for a cherry picker that was stuck. they didn't want to hop across a few feet to take a chance. one of them is off the lift. we will keep an eye on this. much see video of a shoplifter who is hiring it behind the shop. but one person there is keeping an eye on the people shoplifting. this guy could be failing him. then the shoplifter hits that guy. that is actually a woman.
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parking lot until he launches her. no broken bones. a slight concussion. but that woman has a judge against the guy now undoubtedly. michelle: new at 6:00, insight into a police shooting and why a commanding officer told a swat officer, "i want you to be calm. relax. walk in and kill this guy." the supervisors gave a shoot to kill order because the man has a knife at the children's throat and he was agitated. >> the officer was ordered to save the lives of the children. the reality is the suspect had an opportunity to let the children go. the suspect dictated outcome of the
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michelle: the change were not hurt. they don't want to retraumatize the children. jonathan: what happened days before the back end of a house collapsed in the district? michelle: we watched this a dozen times. we still can't believe the motorcycle rider survived. next the interview with him minutes after the brush with death. jonathan: we are following breaking news that is playing out from nats park. the lift there. they seem to have it in hand. they are getting them out safely. we will keep an eye on this. we'll have for
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michelle: back to breaking news. rescue is underway for the two workers that are trapped in the cherry picker. they are trying to secure it in place. we are streaming this live on the facebook page. they are ten
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the newscast. jonathan: caught on video. watch carefully. the guy in the front, it goes launching off the cliff in front of an s.u.v. around the curve. he lived. start with that. slow it down to see what happened. something happened to his back tire and he couldn't turn. he went straight. right off the cliff. he launched off the cliff and he got wedged in a tree. then watch what happens next. >> stop moving. jonathan: he wasn't in the mood to move but he did survive. the friends rushed through the hill through the brush and they were expecting the worse. but there is willie. watch. >> are you okay? are you okay?
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you good? don't move. what do you remember? what happened? >> my back tire slipped. made me slide forward. i love this question. are you good? i'm anything but good! his bike wedge in the the tree. after all is said and done all he had wrong with he just broke his shoulder. that is lucky.
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becomes law. the fines will double from 30 30 -- $60. $150 to $300 and so on. >> we use it to get people to pay faster but we have mechanisms from boots to towing and holding fees. >> it can pose a hardship on mothers and it does not improve traffic safety. >> but they want to go further to add maryland and the virginia drivers because it only stops the fines doubling for residents of the district. >> i wouldn't mind seeing a cut if you don't make the payment right away. >> most of the drivers love the idea, the drivers from maryland and virginia say it's unfair. >> there should be continuity across the board. it's like they are banking on the visitors getting the tickets to double fine. >> white is open to possible changes but the first priority is not penalizing t
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washingtonians. he does not belief that the double fines are needed to balance the district's budget but it is unclear how much the changes would cost. with w the physical impact statement still pending. michelle: going to breaking news. the workers trapped in the cherry picker are making their way up the ladder so everyone is fine. this is unfolding in southeast d.c. you can't tell from the shot but they are ten stories up. all is well. we will watch this on the facebook page. go to jonathan: successful rescue. we like that. no rescuing the house. check out the video from the district. this is ninth street. there is something wrong with that. everything looks like a dalhouse when it
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nobody was hurt. doug: national harbor, we have sun getting through. that is a pattern that is developing ahead of the cold front. holding at 72 in washington. the showers and the cold front is across western maryland. scattered showers could be a possibility. this pattern will shift eastward. we will get increase overnight. clearing skies tomorrow and sunshine. thursday is sunshine. winds come out of the east and cooler. 54.
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the rain could continue and linger to saturday but it will turn partly sunny in the afternoon. mid-60s for sunday. opening day is great. 64 with sunshine and the pleasant mild sprink conditions through much of next week. stay with us. "abc7 news at 6:00" returns after this.
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robert: the capping getting ready for five-game roadtrip. the last of the season. wins are important because the metro division is tight. washington has to win the division or they could face pittsburgh or columbus in the first round. we don't want that. start with minnesota tonight and end with toronto. the tribe on the importance of the road trip. >> you can put a stamp on the year. we are going on the road. make it happen. no reason we can't. we are healthy. just play really well. robert: the lakers, clippers and jazz coming up for the warriors. that should be fun. this isn't a lot of fun for howard. james daniel, the leading scorer in division any 2015 plans to transfer
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he informed the bisons head coach of the plans to leave howard and head to a major conference. he is scheduled to graduate in may. he is the all-time leading scorer in 88 games. finally, president trump was invited to throw the first pitch out but his spokesperson said she declined because of a scheduling issue. michelle: maybe next year. jonathan: this is his first go. he is busy. robert: maybe later in the season. doug: want to talk about weather? michelle: or breaking news. jonathan: let's get back to this breaking news. the cherry picker that is stuck up there with the guys ten stories up? that is them climbing the ladder saying this has been some day. they have a rope on them andth theered them up with the harness and they're being brought
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michelle: whew! jonathan: that is rough. if window washers getting stuck on the ledge and these people were stuck on the cherry picker. michelle: huge relief. at least it's not raining now. doug: a few showers but that part is good. look at the radar now. showers to deal with through the evening. a couple of more for the district. overnight skies will clear. 54 on thursday. winds out of the east. that is a cool direction. the clouds are thicker thursday and friday which is rainy day and night. mid-50's. steve will track that and more. it's much-needed rain. he will talk about that at 11:00 to talk about the weekend as well. michelle: the temperatures are cooler but not cold. doug: not cold. important distinction. jonathan: the key. michelle: "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. see you tonight at 11:00. have a great night.
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. refusing calls to step down. tonight, growing pressure on the congressman leading the investigation into russia and vin nunes rejecting calls to leave his post after his secret


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